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UEStudio UEStudio offers all the text editing functionality of UltraEdit and includes an array of powerful development features to help accelerate your workflow across larger scale projects.


UEStudio vs. UltraEdit... Work in groups or teams? Using version control? Need to save time? Need more power? Then you need:

  • Intellitips - intelligent auto-complete of variables, functions, classes, etc.
  • ClassViewer - a visual map of the symbols in your active project
  • Subversion / CVS integration
  • Advanced project and solution management
  • Compiling and building support
  • PHP and Ruby scripting support

What you can use UEStudio for...

  • Code

  • Version

  • System

  • Power and

  • Desktop

  • File

See what people are saying about UEStudio

UEStudio ... adds a stunning array of features to an already extremely powerful text editor. In fact, UEStudio goes far beyond a text editor. IMCO Software Reviews
I'm very excited about what you've done here (UEStudio) - my (SQL) development cycle has been cut in half. David G.
As a software engineer, UEStudio along with UltraCompare Pro are the core applications I work in most of the day, so I obviously need something that makes my job easy - and UEStudio does that. Frank G.